Don’t Just Google “Insurance Agent Near Me” – Five Reasons to Choose Abri

November 26th, 2022 abriinsurance

Insurance is one of those things that you don’t think you need until you need it – and if you aren’t insured, it can be a huge mess! The key to finding an insurance policy that covers you without adding things you don’t need is knowing what it all means. But unless you are an insurance professional, that can be easier said than done. Whether you are looking for life insurance, car insurance, or homeowners’ insurance, having a trusted guide is critical. Therefore, Googling “insurance agent near me” will probably not ensure that you have what you need. Here are just five reasons that you should choose Abri Insurance for all of your insurance needs!

Local Handshake

Before the internet, people went to a local trusted insurance agent who took care of their insurance needs; generally, they knew them personally and were invested in one another. Although there is an advantage in the convenience of getting insurance online, convenience always comes at a cost. There is something to be said for a local professional who checks in when necessary, knows your name, and understands what you need. You can’t get that from filling out an online form.

Set It and Forget It

We see so many people who take out insurance policies choose auto draft, then set it and forget it. Insurance is one of those things that changes with your life stage and age, as well as many other factors. Those who assume they have all the insurance they need probably do not. If you don’t upgrade as you add on to your family and your lifestyle, then you could be leaving yourself critically underinsured. At Abri, we have periodic check-ins with our clients to make sure that we are covering all of your needs before you even know you have them.

Paying Too Much

Much like setting it and forgetting it can lead to being underinsured, it can also leave you paying for more than you should. Throughout life, we may upgrade, but at certain times we downgrade and forget that we are paying for things we might not necessarily need. Shopping around instead of staying stuck can sometimes result in a better price with a better company, but you won’t know if you never do your research!

Industry Knowledge

Not all insurance companies offer all types of insurance coverage; some offer auto and homeowners, and others offer just life insurance. The key is to have one source for all of your insurance needs, both commercial and personal. That way, if you make a change to one policy that might affect another, you don’t have to call around to three different companies – or worse yet, fail to. We’ve got you covered for everything that you need in one spot!

Professionals in Every Sense

When you call an insurance company or reach out online, you just never know who you are going to get or what their level of experience is. We aren’t going to sugarcoat it: insurance is complex, and it takes a real understanding of what it all means and the experience to know how to cover the people who come to you for advice. When you hire Abri, you never have to worry about getting a person who just started yesterday and who may or may not know what they say is correct.

Insurance is one of those things that always seems unnecessary until you actually need it, and then it’s a huge lifesaver. The key is to find the coverage you need without overpaying for those things that you don’t, and that stems from finding an insurance agency in Charleston that has the experience and care to make sure all of your needs are met. At Abri, we get to know every one of our customers as more than just a policy number and always make sure that we are providing the individualized and custom service that you deserve. Don’t just Google “insurance agent near me” – contact us to get started today!