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Pet Insurance

When you are a pet owner, your pet is not just an animal; they are a beloved family member. When your pet gets injured or sick, bringing them to the veterinarian can be expensive if you don’t have pet insurance to cover major events, as well as regular exams and vaccinations.

Pet insurance can help pet owners cover the cost of preventative care and expensive but necessary treatments, prescriptions, and dental issues. The type of pet insurance you choose can save you substantially, but only if you know what your needs are and which pet insurance carrier’s policies best suit them.

Pet Accidental Coverage in Charleston County

Accidental Coverage

Accidental coverage will help you with any accident that your pet has. When it comes to pets, accidents are usually extremely expensive, which sometimes forces you to choose whether you can afford them or not. Accidental coverage will help you to pay for the cost of those things that are critical, but still offer you a choice so that your pet gets the very best care at a cost you can afford.

Illness Coverage

Illness coverage is important for those minor and major illnesses that pets can have. Things that fall under illness coverage are allergies, vomiting and diarrhea, parasites, cancer, arthritis, ear infections, and many other common health concerns. Some pet insurance policies will discontinue illness coverage as your pet ages, and if you wait until after a dog has an illness, they might deny you due to a preexisting condition, or exclude the predisposing condition from coverage. That is why illness coverage is a good idea when your pet is young and healthy, just in case.

Pet Illness Coverage- Abri Insurance

Wellness Coverage

Wellness coverage is pet insurance that helps to cover the cost of wellness treatments like regular exams and vaccinations.

It also helps to cover the cost of spaying and neutering, teeth cleaning, and heartworm, flea, and tick treatments.

At Abri Insurance, we understand that your pet is a part of the family and needs to be a priority when it comes to regular exams and preventative health options. We also know that accidents can happen all the time and when it comes to pets, just one can drain your savings if you are not covered.

Our mission is to find the most comprehensive pet insurance plans that are within budget and fit your individual needs. Reach out today to discuss how we can make sure your furry friend is covered against the cost of accidents, illnesses, regular exams, and dental care.

Pet Wellness Coverage