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Commercial Auto

When you allow employees to use your vehicles and equipment, you are responsible for any accidents that they might be involved in via vicarious liability. A commercial auto policy is what you need to protect against liability damages, physical damage loss to your business vehicles, any medical expenses to those involved, and collision or comprehensive damage to cover all the various situations that can arise.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The main difference between individual auto insurance and commercial auto is that your business owns the vehicle, not the individual. Commercial auto policy, like personal, pays for all legal fees, property damage, and bodily injuries, but they usually have a higher claim price and involve more complex legal issues related to the accident.

For sole proprietors who own various vehicles used primarily for business, you should definitely have a commercial auto policy to cover the higher liability claims that come with commercial versus personal auto accidents.

Commercial auto insurance will cover any vehicle used to

  • Tow a business trailer
  • Work-related loads
  • Drive employees or clients
  • Transport equipment or goods
  • Charge people to provide rides
  • Perform in a service capacity that is paid for
  • Charge people fees to transport via your vehicle

When it comes to your business, covering your commercial vehicles is critical. At Abri Insurance, we understand that there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and if you are not fully insured, it can leave you – the business owner – unprotected. We always work to find the most comprehensive coverage at a cost-conscious price point.

Contact us today to make sure that you, your clients, and your employees are protected in transit and also that your vehicles are safe from property damage when not being used.

Coverage Under Commercial Auto Insurance