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June 2nd, 2021 abriinsurance
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Now that the weather is perfect for taking your motorcycle out for a ride into the sunset, it’s time that we go over the importance of having proper insurance coverage for your bike and what you should be expecting from your insurance policy!

Hello readers and insurance plan holders! Welcome to the Abri Insurance Blog! We are a full-service, independent insurance agency that represents you, the client, and not the insurance company. With each and every policy under one roof, we customize the perfect insurance package for you while striving to deliver the highest level of customer service. While the weather has been outstanding and is now the perfect time to take out your number one road warrior, your motorcycle, it is still extremely important to have the proper coverage you need to stay as safe as possible no matter what! If you are like most bikers, the idea of losing your bike sends you into a panic. We can customize your coverage so that it covers everything from a full replacement on your bike to medical payments when you get into an accident. Today, we are going to be diving into everything you need to know about motorcycle insurance so you can stay ahead of whatever might be coming your way so you will always be prepared!

The fact is, no matter how you might feel on the open road or the fact that you are an excellent driver, you need motorcycle insurance. Minimum liability just isn’t enough. While it is an extra expense that you don’t use until you need it, when that time comes you will really need it! Like we usually mention when it comes to insurance, while it might be hard to spend money on insurance and not get anything directly out of it right away, if you don’t have it when you end up needing it, it will cost you even more in the long run! Also, don’t forget, almost every state requires minimum liability coverage just to register your motorcycle. While minimum liability coverage is a great first step, it only covers the other person involved when you’ve caused an accident. What about you and your bike after an accident? Regardless of who caused the accident, you both might need patching up and you could be looking at thousands of dollars to do so! Make sure you’re getting coverage to insure your body’s overall safety and wellness, the safety and wellness of your bike, and anyone else who might be involved in an accident. Remember, this is still a vehicle just like your car. If you would insure our car, why wouldn’t you also insure your motorcycle? As we’ve mentioned, your state will most likely require you to have liability insurance coverage for your bike. Our biggest recommendation when in the market for motorcycle insurance in the Charleston area is to sit down with us at Abri or with your insurance agent and talk about what your options are. First, consider buying a policy above the minimum requirement and check with us if your coverage includes coverage for your bodily injury and injury done to your passengers. Also, make sure you have all the proper coverage for your state! Florida requires you to carry a minimum of $10,000 in medical benefits while other states require you to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Please check with us if your preferred policy checks all the boxes needed for the state of South Carolina!

The good news is if you’re pretty familiar with standard auto insurance policies, motorcycle standard policies are very similar. Most insurers offer, on top of what we have already mentioned, personal injury protection, medical payments, comprehensive and collision coverage, all of which we would highly recommend adding to your overall policy! If you are feeling the want and need to add on more you can also add on roadside assistance, transport trailer coverage, trip interruption coverage, and coverage for custom parts, equipment, and accessories. For our readers who have invested a pretty penny into a custom chopper, this is an ideal situation for you! While many of our readers may still not be thrilled about paying for insurance on their bikes, please keep in mind that many companies will offer a “lay-up” period discount during cooler and inclement months where many individuals who have other modes of transportation will put their bikes away until the spring returns. There are also other discounts out there just waiting to be utilized. Make sure, if you need or want to, to speak to your provider and ask if you are eligible or if they offer any of these discounts!

  • A discount for mature riders over 55.
  • If you’ve completed a rider-training course.
  • If you belong to a riders organization.
  • If you’ve purchased other plans from the same company, ask if you can bundle them all together!
  • If you have and continue to maintain an excellent driving record.
  • If you’re insuring more than one motorcycle with the same company.

Now let’s talk about the real nitty-gritty of your bike, what happens if it is destroyed or stolen? There is a policy for that! When this happens you’ll usually be given three different types of settlements. One is a stated amount, this will pay you the amount that you agreed upon when you purchased your policy. The second is an actual cash value, and this will pay the value of what your bike is worth minus depreciation and deductible. Finally, there is the agreed value and this will pay the amount you and the insurance company agreed on when you bought the policy and it is a fixed amount, nothing will be taken from a claim check when this option is chosen.

Still not convinced that you need motorcycle insurance? Thank about it this way; 48 out of the 50 states in the US require you to have insurance. The two that don’t still suggest that it might be the smart choice to do so. Here are a few more pieces of information to know about motorcycle insurance that you should still keep close to your heart when debating what policy you should get at the end of the day!

  • Motorcycle insurance can cover more than just your bike, it can cover your equipment too!
  • There are a ton of money-saving options!
  • Roadside assistance when you need it most can be covered by your insurance company.
  • Umbrella insurance for your motorcycle does exist!
  • Make sure you get multiple quotes before choosing the right plan for you, you deserve the best and you’re allowed to keep asking for the best.
  • Remember that your standard auto insurance or homeowners insurance policy does not cover your motorcycle.
  • The same minimum of insurance needed for your car is also needed for your motorcycle.
  • You need to carry proof of insurance when you’re riding your motorcycle, and it can be impounded if you’re caught riding without insurance!
  • For those who have incredible modified bikes, most standard policies will not cover your bike!
  • Don’t forget, while it is difficult, motorcycles are a lot easier to steal than a car, and going through a natural disaster like a hurricane can be much worse on a bike than a car. You’ll want the perfect plan for you to help you in these situations!

Motorcyclists, have we got your attention? We want you to enjoy the open road as best you can, and the best way to do so is to have the best insurance policy possible! Let Abri insurance help you curate the best insurance policy for your motorcycle in the Lowcountry! This way every ride is the safest and perfect ride every time! We’re Abri Insurance and we are here to make sure you have the best coverage for life in the Lowcountry!

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