The Ins and Outs of Insurance For Your Golf Cart

April 20th, 2021 abriinsurance
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While it might not be your primary mode of transportation, it’s still a vehicle that is loved and used by many right here in the Lowcountry. Today, we are going to be talking about the ins and outs of insurance for your golf cart!

Hello, Abri customers and friends! If you’ve found yourself here today, you want to learn a little more about how to keep your golf cart safe and insured. While a golf cart might not be your primary way of getting around, it is most likely your favorite! It’s a staple in the Lowcountry to have one. A golf cart can mean trips to the beach, traveling around your neighborhood, going golfing, or just a quick trip to the store for some milk. No matter how you and your family enjoy using your golf cart, it is still best to know how to keep it safe and protected as best you can! Insurance for your golf cart is very similar to automotive insurance and covers things like collision and bodily injury. All of us at Abri can also create a more detailed policy so your golf cart and everyone who rides inside will be safe and protected as you wish.

Golf Cart Insurance – What Is It?

A basic golf cart insurance policy comes with some very typical basic coverage that includes property damage, bodily injury, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Each form of coverage might help to repair the damage done to your golf cart, depending on the situation you find yourself in. They are also there to help with expenses if you cause an accident that leads to someone getting hurt or private property being damaged. If you’ve damaged a home or car with your golf cart, property damage liability can help cover the cost to repair any resulting damage. If you cause an accident with your golf cart that hurts someone, bodily injury liability is there to help pay medical, hospital, or other related medical expenses. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, collision coverage helps you pay for repairs on your golf cart. Finally, if your golf cart is ever stolen or receives damage done by something else other than a collision, comprehensive coverage can help you get a new golf cart or repair damages! Just like with any other insurance policy, you can add more specific additions to your policy to tailor it to exactly what you want, but we will talk about those add ons in a bit.

Do You Have To Have Golf Cart Insurance?

Gated communities and vacation destinations are no stranger to golf carts, and in some places, you can even drive them on the road just like a car. Due to situations like this, in certain states, it is required to have liability coverage for your golf cart. While you might not live in a state where it is required to have insurance for your golf cart, it is still a good idea to have it. Many HOA’s will require you to have it as well. In certain communities, like golf communities, the HOA will require owners to purchase a very specific type of insurance for the golf cart being used and to name the HOA as an additional insured. While this might seem like a lot, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that between 2013 and 2018 there were 130 fatal golf cart accidents.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Golf Cart Insurance?

While some homeowners insurance policies and auto insurance policies might cover some of your golf cart, it doesn’t cover everything. Some policies won’t cover it at all. You have to very careful that you don’t just assume that your existing home insurance will help cover a golf cart. In situations like this where you might be unsure about what your home insurance policy covers, it is best to check with us at Abri so we can discuss your policy with you. It is very important to understand what your policy does and doesn’t cover. It is a rule of thumb to remember that even if your standard homeowner’s insurance does cover your golf cart, it will only give little coverage, especially once you leave your personal property. It is also important to know that while a standard car insurance policy can cover some minor things for your golf cart, it will typically not cover a golf cart accident. In this situation, you have a few options. You can choose to expand your already existing homeowners or auto insurance plan to help cover your golf cart or get a separate specific policy to cover just your golf cart. Make sure to pick the best option for your style of using your golf cart and what makes the most sense for you financially. Sometimes separate policies for your golf cart can be sold as an off-road vehicle policy while certain insurance companies, like Abri, offer designated plans just for your golf cart. These plans will cover you no matter where you’re driving your golf cart and will also provide coverage for when it’s not being used and is sitting in storage. At the end of the day, the best option is to pick a policy that is specifically tailored for you and can give your golf cart the most complete protection and coverage. Outside of what we’ve mentioned in a basic golf cart insurance plan, it can help cover the liability of passengers, uninsured and underinsured motorists, and more!

You can also add on a few more specific pieces to your golf cart insurance policy! Some companies offer roadside assistance to help with a tow, jump, or flat tire. You can also get coverage for custom additions made after your purchase like engine modifications, lift kits, and custom bodies. Coverage can also be added to cover your radio and sound system along with your front and tail lights.

What Will You Be Paying And Are There Discounts?

How much you will pay for your insurance plan will depend on if you’ve added coverage to an already existing home or auto plan, if you just have a basic plan, or if you’ve created a tailored plan for exactly what you want or what your HOA defines what is needed. It will also depend on your proficiency as a driver, your record, and where you’ll be driving. The most basic plan for adding it to a home insurance policy where you’re just driving on your property could cost as little as $3 a month to $100 for those driving as often and whenever you want on a stand-alone plan, according to

While we know adding on any extra expenses can be difficult, there are ways to save on your golf cart insurance even if it’s just a few dollars at a time. Those few dollars can add up over time. You can save money if the insurance company that you’re already using for your home or car insurance can bundle in your golf cart insurance. You can save money on a policy if you’re a homeowner, and you can always ask if you can take advantage of a payment plan. You might be able to get a discount if you pay for your insurance policy in one lump sum and you can get a discount if you sign up for regularly scheduled payments that come right out of your bank account.

No matter if you’re using your golf cart every day, for fun, for the golf course, or just on vacation, choosing insurance to protect your ride and your riders is the best option. You are still inside a vehicle that can cause harm to yourself, to others, and to property that doesn’t belong to you. Why take that risk if you don’t have to? Unsure about your policy? Are you interested in adding on or buying a golf cart policy? We can help with that! Make sure to reach out or comment below and an Abri agent will help you with your golf cart policy as quickly as possible! We’re Abri Insurance and we are here to make sure you have the best coverage for life in the Lowcountry!

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