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Home Owner's Insurance

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. So it only makes good financial sense to protect it. This insurance protects your home from damages to the home as well as protecting the possessions inside.

Auto Insurance

These policies usually help pay if you have an accident, but details of what they cover can vary drastically. We can help you sort out the differences between policies and help you to understand how to meet the minimum coverage requirements in South Carolina while not putting a dent in your budget.

Flood Insurance

Just a couple inches of water can cause a flood but a typical homeowner’s policy will not cover it. So if you live in a high-risk area it’s worth having a talk with one of our agents today to make sure you are covered.

Wind/Hail Insurance

Wind and Hail insurance coverage provides coverage specifically for any damage resulting from a direct loss caused by wind and/or hail. Some homeowner’s insurance policies exclude this coverage.


Don’t let worry spoil your fun. These plans cover injuries to you or your passengers. You will also be covered for any damage the boat does to other people’s property. Depending on the coverage you get you may also be covered for help if you get stranded.

Golf Cart

Golf Carts are coming off the golf course, but no matter where you drive your cart you need to keep it covered. This insurance is very similar to automotive insurance and covers things like collision and bodily injury. We can also craft a more detailed policy.


Whether you travel part of the year or your RV is your primary residence your RV is a major part of how you relax. Considerations when getting coverage include if your RV is your primary residence and if you are going to want a full replacement for your vehicle in the event of accident.


If you are like most bikers the idea of losing your bike sends you into a panic. We can customize your coverage so that it covers everything from a full replacement on your bike to medical payments when you get in an accident.


While no one wants to think about it, accidents do happen. These policies can provide you family with a variety of benefits in the event of your passing.


Let us help you navigate the complex health insurance system. Our agents will help you find a plan that is best for your health and your wallet.

Employee Benefits

These days there are a range of employee benefits. Together we will figure out how to best cover your employees while still giving you room in your budget to grow your business.

Commercial Liability

Feel secure while operating your business. These policies cover injuries caused by the daily operations and products of one’s business.

Commercial Property

Make sure the properties you own are as safe as your own home. This insurance protects your business from things like fire and theft.

Commercial Auto

If you are using a vehicle to conduct your business you may need a policy for this, it’s different from personal automotive insurance and if you are using a car for your business you may want to talk with our agents about a policy.

Worker’s Compensation

If you’re running a business you may be required to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Worker’s Compensation provides workers with wage replacement and medical benefits if they become injured while working.

This is just a look into the services we offer. To have us assess your personal insurance picture, please contact us and set up and appointment through the information on our contact page. We look forward to working with you!